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Canine Companions for Independence

The “Best Companion” Campaign was developed for Canine Companions for Independence as a design solution to inform, educate, and have targeted consumers learn more about the non-profit organization of assistance dogs for people with disabilities and veterans.

Target Personas

In researching the target demographics for the campaign, it was important to learn the reasoning behind why people have specific needs within brands. By including more physiological and psychological needs of the consumer, the campaign will be more effective and create a need-product connection between the organization and the consumer. Diving more into the lifestyle and background of each target persona enabled me to get inside the mind of what the consumer is thinking about the brand or organization. The target audience profiles or personas were created to represent the different user types within the target demographic ultimately to reach the end goal of directing a campaign message effectively.

Design Thinking Ideation

With the target personas completed, it was time to develop a design solution to the client’s problem by sketching six different testimonial ad ideations. The purpose of sketching different iterations of the testimonial ad for Canine Companions for Independence was to lead to the most effective solution that was the perfect fit for the client’s voice and tone. Each concept connected to the target audience differently and only one was chosen to effectively encapsulate the authenticity of the target market depicted within the campaign.

Initial Comps

Some of the sketches did not make it to the initial digital mockup development stage as they lacked a connection to the target demographic of the client as outlined within the target personas. The concept of the testimonial ad for this non-profit organization needed to convey the message of awareness and connect with the intended audience of the campaign and so Concepts A, B, and C from the sketches did just that. Each of the three testimonial mockup concepts from the sketches connects to the target audience but in slightly different ways while staying true to the authenticity of the non-profit as well as creating a concept that will stick to the reader’s mind.

Final Campaign

Ultimately the testimonial ad campaign with the concept and strategy of Concept B, the “Best Companion” Campaign, was deemed to be the final design decision that resonated and reflected the target demographic depicted within the target personas while adhering to the design problem of awareness. By having an ad that represented and resonated with the target demographic, the connection between the target demographic and the message was effective and clear. Utilizing ordinary individuals that use the product was the best solution to the design problem for Canine Companions for Independence.

After developing the static testimonial ads meant for printed platforms, the design thinking was expanded to reach a wider audience through a digital format and platform. The creation of the motion graphics video to the right adds a new visual layer. It encapsulates the emotion of the brand that otherwise could be difficult to portray within a static testimonial ad.