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Hotheads® is a luxury beauty product for professional hairstylists. As a Senior Graphic Designer, my experience with this brand includes photoshoot preproduction, PR, print catalogs and brochures, e-mail campaigns, and website design. Within an extensive collaborative effort from copywriters, creative directors, marketing, and industry professionals, the visual development of the brand took on a full 360 product campaign.

Website Design

Utilizing a website platform that allows the client to easily upload and remove content, the task was to create a well-branded website with easy user-friendly capabilities for both salon professionals and consumers.


  • Website Design
  • Photo Retouching
  • UI Design
  • Website Content


The email campaign was a great extension of the brand. The concept of the “Colors” email campaign was to create a unique ‘feeling’ for each color of hair. Chosen accessories compliments the hair color, as well as style and season.


  • Layout
  • Visual Development

Printed Brochures

Another extension of the brand was the use of printed brochures. With the collaboration of other designers and directors, the printed brochures utilize custom photography, the brand style guide of font, colors, and the design thinking of creating a simple easy-to-hold brochure for customers and salon professionals alike.


  • Layout