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Johnson is an African-American prime-time television drama series on Bounce® TV. Within an extensive collaborative effort from producers, production teams, marketing, and an external professional photographer, the visual development of  Johnson (Season Three) took on a full 360 product campaign.

Key Art

While concepting for the key art visuals, I wanted to encapsulate and touch on the pivotal turning point within this season. The “beach themed” Key Art utilizes a blue evening festival beach scene with cool tone and colors. Using professional AI tools, a beach scene was generated and skewed to fit the mold for this season’s look.


  • Key Art Photo Retouching
  • AI Generated Compilation
  • Visual Development

 Trailer Promo

With this season’s theme of celebration, the production on-air motion graphics team supplemented to the look of Season Four through vibrant colors from the key art with the addition of celebratory music to enhance the aspect of celebration.

Social Media

With the phone being the easiest accessible advertising platform to date, with the help of the social media communications team, the key art was expanded to social platforms to reach and engage with the target demographic.


  • Key Art Versioning
  • Visual Development Elements

OTT Advertising

Throughout different metropolitan areas in Atlanta, the task of this billboard was to create an eye-catching display of the show’s main cast while keeping a consistent visual representation of the show’s season. Still utilizing the colors from the key art and photography of the main cast, the billboard creates a clean easy-to-read approach for drivers while standing out from other competing ads and nearby distractions.


  • Layout Development
  • Visual Development Elements