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Finding Happy is a comedy that follows an African-American female experience through the life of Atlanta native millennial Yaz Carter. Utilizing a “brunch setting” as a visual, it paved the way to display the four different personalities of these women from the show in one setting. Within an extensive collaborative effort from producers, production teams, marketing, and an external professional cinematographer, the visual development of Finding Happy took on a full 360 product campaign.

Key Art

On set I was co-art directing talent to convey a “brunch setting”. This setting was used to help illustrate the relationships between each character. The warm color scheme of greens, pinks and yellows also help draw the mood of the show. The concept of having the main character in one bright color to offset the rest of the cast, helps to bring awareness and lead to her.


  • Art Directing
  • Key Art Photo Retouching
  • Compilation
  • Visual Development

Trailer Teaser

Utilizing the “brunch setting” and staging from the key art, the on-air promo supplements and creates a further extension of the show’s consistent visuals through motion and storytelling.


  • Key Art Concept

Social Media

With the phone being the easiest accessible advertising platform to date, with the help of the social media communications team, the key art was expanded to social platforms to reach and engage with the target demographic.


  • Key Art Versioning
  • Visual Development Elements

Billboard Advertising (OOH)

Throughout different locations in Los Angeles and Atlanta, the task of this billboard was to create an eye-catching display of the show’s visual representation while still informing the target demographic and prospective audiences of the premiere date and network affiliation. Utilizing the simplistic layout of the alternative key art and bright color palette allowed it to stand out from other competing ads and nearby distractions.


  • Layout
  • Visual Development