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hairtalk® is a luxury beauty product for salon professionals worldwide in over 40 countries. Within an extensive collaborative effort from copywriters, creative directors, marketing, and industry professionals, the visual extension of the brand took on a full 360 product campaign including branding, trade show design, motion graphics, and website redesign.

Website Design

Utilizing a website platform that allows the client to easily upload and remove content, the task was to create a well-branded website with easy user-friendly capabilities for both salon professionals and consumers.


  • Website Design
  • Photo Retouching
  • UI Design
  • Website Content

Trade Show Advertising (OOH)

The trade show advertising booth showcased the brand throughout different convention locations including IBS New York & IBS Las VegasInternational Salon & Spa Expo, and the American Beauty Show. The task of this trade show booth was tocreate a luxury salon and spa experience for salon professionals that attend the conventions. The simplistic booth is extended with a rotating over head logo, as well as a shopping experience kiosk where clients can flip through digital brochures.


  • Layout
  • Visual Development